Please complete the application below to apply for one or more of our adoptable cats.
Please be aware that you must be at least 21 years of age to adopt.

What to Expect After You Apply

A volunteer will begin to process your application within 48-72 hours after you submit your application.

Please remember that all of our rescued animals are housed in private foster homes OR at a PetsMart location.  This application process is in place to ensure the safety of our foster homes and volunteers as well as to find purrfect kitty/guardian matches.  All of our cats and kittens are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested for FeLV/FIV, dewormed and flea treatment applied prior to adoption.  They receive love and individual attention in our foster homes, where each is treated as one of our own.  Then, in time, some of the kitties go to our Adoption Center at Deptford PetsMart where our volunteers also lovingly care for them.

Please note that there may be more than one application pending for a cat/kitten.  It is our duty to process all applications to find the best Furrever home for each cat/kitten in our care.  Once again, the application process may take at least a week to complete.  We try our best as a volunteer organization to process applications in a professional and timely manner; however, our commitment, obligation and first concern is to the little lives that we have saved.

Your application will go through five steps:
STEP ONE:  A volunteer will contact your vet office to gain information regarding the medical history of your current and/or previous pets.
STEP TWO:  A volunteer will call all three of the references that you provided to us.  If we cannot reach them, we ask your references to call us back at 856-845-8554.  We must get responses from all three of your references before continuing forward with your application.
STEP THREE:  If all references are satisfactory, a volunteer will call you to chat about the adoption.  ALL FAMILY MEMBERS will be invited to meet the cat of their choice at the cat's foster home OR at the applicant's home OR at the Adoption Center at PetSmart.  The visit will last about one hour and will be scheduled at the convenience of the foster parent.  A visitation does not guarantee that the adoption will be approved.  It is just a part of the application process.  After the visit, the applicants and the foster parents "sleep on" the decision... allowing for a 24-hour opportunity to carefully consider the adoption.  This is to ensure that the adoption is a purrfect fit for everyone!
STEP FOUR:  If the adoption is approved, arrangements will be made for you to transport your kitty home. Bring a safe, durable plastic carrier to transport your kitty (we will not allow a cat/kitten to go home in a cardboard box/carrier/your arms).  You will be asked to sign our Adoption Contract and will receive a copy of your kitty's health/vaccination record.  We also ask for a $150 donation per kitty to help with the veterinary costs incurred so that we can continue to rescue needy cats/kittens.  ($200 for two cats adopted at the same time).
STEP FIVE:  A photocopy of the contract will be mailed to you or given to you at time of adoption.  We ask that you keep this information with your other important papers. 

For more information, please contact our adoptions team:
856-845-8554 or