A pet owner can never really imagine having to give up his/her four-legged best friend, but we understand that there are a variety of issues that can lead to this difficult situation.  Before you call your local shelter or rescue, however, please consider some options that you can try first.

Things you should consider before surrendering your pet:

Is there a behavioral issue?
Check out this article from PetMD that presents some solutions to pet aggression, inappropriate scratching, and biting.

Is your cat urinating outside of the litterbox?

There are many potential causes to a cat urinating or defecating outside of a litterbox.  Have you taken your cat to the vet to check for a urinary infection? Is your cat declawed?  Have you changed litter?  Check out this article from PetMD which outlines some common causes and suggested solutions.

Are you sure you can't take your pet to your new home?

If you are moving and think that you can't take your pet, why not double check and see if the management can try to accommodate your four-legged best friend?  After all, he/she has been with you all this time.  Do you really want to move to a new place without him/her or to a place that doesn't accept pets?

Are you having financial difficulties?
There are MANY available resources for pet owners in financial crisis. If you are losing your home, cannot afford pet food or need veterinary assistance, take a look at some of the resources below. You do not need to permanently surrender your pet!

New Jersey Crisis Resources

If after considering some of these things or if none apply and you have to give up your pet, please read the options below.

Intake at Furrever Friends Rescue
We are almost always at capacity and intake requests are frequently denied.  We only accept returns of cats previously adopted from Furrever Friends.  We encourage you to pursue the options below.

Consider rehoming the pet yourself
Shelters and rescues are overflowing with strays and surrenders.  Instead of your beloved pet ending up in a small cage, waiting for a new home and overtaxing the shelters in your area, consider finding a new home for your pet while he/she stays with you.

Rehome your pet
Post pictures of the animal online on sites such as:

Surrender your pet
Surrendering or returning your pet to a shelter or rescue should be your very last resort. If you have tried everything and you end up here, you can reach out to local rescues such as: